So What’s Wrong With Plastic?

As we are currently transitioning to glass, I’ve had a few customers ask me why. Everyone knows glass is more expensive, it’s breakable, and makes shipping more costly so why would we make that switch?

The first and most important reason is that plastic is toxic. Plastic is made of synthetic and organic polymers and most are produced from petrochemicals. Even BPA-free plastic is not safe, as they’ve replaced it with another possibly more toxic chemical, and it contains a host of other toxic chemicals that are currently not ‘popular’. All plastics leech chemicals when heated or from certain liquids sitting in it for extended periods of time. Personally, I avoid as much plastic as I can in my home. I have very little plastic in the kitchen, and try to buy toys made of other materials for my daughter.

The second reason is that glass is eco-friendly. Glass containers can be reused (forever) after your product runs out, which in turn reduces the trash load. On the other hand, plastic just sits in landfills for at least 450 years and pollutes our waterways. When I started selling on Etsy, I started small and needed the most affordable packaging options. Now that I am more aware of the effects of plastic on our environment and have higher volume sales, I can no longer support this model. It is too important to ignore and being eco-friendly is a part of the brand.

So now you know why. And to answer the burning question about price, yes our prices will slightly go up to compensate for the higher cost of packaging and shipping. Some prices have already been adjusted and others will as we phase out the plastic containers.

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And if you have a lot of time on your hands here’s a whole blog about living plastic free.

Delilah Orpi