How To Use Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo is a quick and easy way to refresh your hair when it looks greasy and limp. This is great for second and third day hair, or to refresh after a workout. Most dry shampoos will absorb the grease, hide the shine, and give you body. Our dry shampoo powder, Segundo Dia, goes one step further than traditional dry shampoos to not only refresh your hair, but also boost hair and scalp health. Our formula combines cleansing herbs and clays with other botanicals that nourish your hair and scalp, to encourage healthy growth, luster, volume, and manageability.


Bad hair day tip: One of my tricks for a day that my hair is greasy and just doesn't look good overall is to use dry shampoo and a sea salt spray, like our Sal y Coco. The dry shampoo helps give me volume and cuts the grease while the salt spray gives textured waves. It always looks so much better, as if I had styled it that way to begin with. And if not, then I do a low side bun or braid. Simple, but it gets the job done. 


 You can see in the after image my hair has more body and the oiliness has been absorbed.

You can see in the after image my hair has more body and the oiliness has been absorbed.


Great. Now how do you use this wonderful time saving invention?

  1. Dust dry shampoo near the scalp. You can part your hair and do a few sections so you get some under the top layer.
  2. Rub and shake it in to blend it. Brush through if you do not have curly hair. For curly hair, I recommend you flip your head upside down and continue shaking to distribute. Use a mirror to check the back to make sure you're not leaving any obvious spots. Add a little more if any spot still looks greasy.
  3. Style your hair. That's it!

Grab your container of Segundo Dia dry shampoo and be ready the next time you need a quick fix. Available in both light and dark hair options.