A Holistic Approach to Anti-aging Skincare

In this video post, I go over a more holistic approach to anti-aging skincare. Skip down for the text version. 

A Note On "Anti-aging"

Before I start I want to talk a little about anti-aging. This idea is basically a myth. You can’t reverse aging, no matter what anyone tells you. I hate that so many companies make money off people selling them products that they promise will make them look 20 years younger. It’s not possible and it’s an ideal we shouldn’t be chasing.

Now, that being said, I know it is hard to accept aging in general. It’s hard to embrace the physical changes we experience as we get older when society constantly reinforces the view that a thin and young physique is most attractive and what everyone wants. It’s simply not true and it’s not a healthy relationship to have with yourself. We need to embrace our beauty. Focus on the positive aspects. Perhaps it’s the color of your eyes, naturally blush cheekbones, full lips, full eyebrows, long lashes...look for something beautiful that you do have, and work with that. Flaunt it and build on it. And treat your skin right to prevent any premature aging.

Our Skin As We Age

As we age our skin naturally gets thinner, paler, and dryer. Wrinkles form, age spots appear, skin starts to sag, and it becomes more fragile. The rate at which this occurs depends on nutrition, skin care routines, environmental factors, genetics, and lifestyle. That said, sun exposure has the most detrimental effect on your skin. Exposure to the sun speeds up the aging process while adding in discoloration and a reduction in elasticity and firmness. This is called photoaging.

Fortunately there are ways to address this. The best way is to prevent sun damage and premature aging process through lifestyle, habits, and diet. If you already have wrinkles, sun spots, and thin skin then you need to focus on diminishing the appearance while understanding that you cannot make some of these disappear. You can make your skin look brighter and plumper. You can even out your skin tone. Be realistic. Focus on what you can do and run with that.


If you're not quite at the stage where you need anti-aging products, then you want to prevent premature aging of the skin. There are several ways to do this. 

Avoid smoking and sunburns at all costs. These both cause premature wrinkles by damaging the elastin in the skin. Remember that sun damage does not show until many years after it happened. Protect yourself now!

Use some form of sunscreen on a daily basis. Mineral sunscreens are the safest bet (non-nano zinc oxide). You can also stay in the shade and cover your skin with hats or clothing. Sun exposure is good as that’s how we get vitamin D, but you should avoid it around mid day when it’s strongest.

Use products with antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals and protect your skin from damage caused by the sun and environment. They are a great way to prevent premature aging. Also incorporate antioxidant rich products and eat antioxidant rich foods on a regular basis. Think bright colored fruits and veggies, dark, leafy greens,

Diet: Remember that what you put in your body is more important than what you put on your skin. Your diet plays a bigger role in how your skin looks than do the products you apply to your skin. Bone broth, omega 3 rich foods (fatty fish and walnuts), amino acids (meat and eggs), potassium rich foods, fermented foods, green tea,

Work on managing stress levels and get adequate sleep. Regular self-care, setting limits, accepting help, and knowing when to seek help are all helpful with managing stress.

Make sure your skin is properly hydrated. Moisturize according to your skin’s needs. If you use oils or balms, remember that you need to use them on wet skin to truly hydrate. Either wet your face or spray a toner on right before you apply your oils. If you don’t use any moisturizer, you should really consider adding something now. It’s a simple and quick step. And be sure to drink enough water on a daily basis. 


If your'e at the stage where you are already seeing sign of aging like fine lines and discoloration, then this here's what you need to do. Hydrate regularly, prevent further sun damage, use products with a high percentage of anti-aging ingredients, and improve your diet and lifestyle if you need to.

Look for the following ingredients in your skincare products-

  • Essential oils: helichrysum, neroli, frankincense, myrrh, rose, geranium, carrot seed
  • Carrier oils: acai, pumpkin seed, pomegranate, prickly pear seed, sea buckthorn, argan, carrot seed, rose hip, evening primrose, camellia
  • Herbs: (extracts or infusion) helichrysum, astragalus, rose, rose hips, gotu kola, calendula, licorice root, green tea, horsetail, hibiscus, peony
  • Nontoxic additives: hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3 (niacinamide), coenzyme Q10, ceramides, peptides, ferulic acid, resveratrol, vitamin C, vitamin A

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