How To Get Clear Skin Naturally

Dealing with acne, you've probably tried a ridiculous amount of skin care products and wasted lots of money, only to still be left searching for that elusive skin clearing product.

Well let me tell you: THAT DOESN'T EXIST!

You can't get clear skin by simply using the right products on your skin.

HOwever, you CAN get clear skin through a combination of healing from the inside AND using nourishing products that target inflammation, bacteria, and scarring. I know that's not what you wanted to hear but it's the truth. If you really want clear skin, then you have to work a little. Read on to find out exactly what you need to do to get the flawless skin you've always wanted.

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First, you need to know that acne prone skin is actually sensitive skin. Acne is the reaction your sensitive skin is having, much like a rash or rosacea is a reaction. This means that most of the products targeted for acne are way too harsh, and only exacerbate the problem. It is important to care for your acne prone skin in gentle ways, so you don't aggravate the breakouts and cause more.

How to get clear skin:

  • Make sure you're cleansing the right way. Those foaming cleansers that leave your skin squeaky clean are doing more harm than good. Your face should not feel like that after cleansing. It should feel slightly dewy, fresh, soft, and be calm. If your skin feels tight or dry, then your cleanser is to blame.

You want to avoid cleansers with sulfates (SLS) or too much foam. All those popular cleansers like Neutrogena are so cleansing that not only do they remove makeup and dirt, they also remove every trace of oil on your skin, even the natural oils your skin needs to stay balanced. The result is overproducing oil to make up for the lack, and your skin reacts by becoming oily and producing acne.

This step can be a hard adjustment at first because many people find that natural cleansers leave their skin 'oily' or 'with a film'. But what's really happening is that your natural oils are left and if you just wait a few minutes, your face absorbs it. If you have very oily skin then it may take a few days for your skin to adjust but it will. A good way to transition is by using cleansing grains, which don't contain any soap or oil so there's no "residue" left over.

Ideally you should cleanse at least once a day, follow with a toner and moisturizer, and use a clay mask twice a week. You can add in other treatments and serums, just make sure you at least have this foundation.


  • When choosing skincare products, you need to choose products with the right ingredients. Don't fall for marketing. Just because the bottle says it's for acne doesn't mean it is actually good for acne. Look for ingredients that help heal, prevent, and soothe acne. These include oils that are high in linoleic acids, clarifying herbs and botanicals, and anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial herbs.

Some skin clearing ingredients include clays, tea tree and citrus essential oils, calendula, aloe vera, neem, green tea, turmeric, willow bark, rosemary, thyme, and basil. Avoid coconut, sunflower, and sweet almond oil if you have severe acne, and cut down on these for less severe acne. 

Also avoid fragrances and alcohols. These are known irritants which cause breakouts or make them even redder and more inflamed. Some people are also sensitive to essential oils, but that is not very common. If you see the words fragrance or parfum, then most likely it is a chemical scent being added that you need to avoid. You can always ask the brand directly as they may have listed fragrance but be using essential oils.


  • Heal your skin from the inside. This is the part you won't like, but the most effective of all. If you only follow one piece of advice, this is the one to follow. Doing all of the above will only help your breakouts heal faster and may reduce them, but you won't prevent them without following this step.

You need to increase your water intake, and cut out dairy! I know, I know, I can hear you. But trust me. Research has shown that dairy causes most adult acne, followed by hormones, other foods, and stress. So seriously - cut it out for few weeks and you will see. It's not forever. You can reintroduce little by little to see what your body tolerates. For instance, I can have butter and a splash of cream in my daily coffee but any more than that and I start breaking out. Be sure to look out for those hidden milk additives in some foods like in packaged breads, sauces, and whey. And yes, this includes raw dairy too. 

If your acne is mostly hormonal, then you need to work on balancing your hormones. Natural ways to do this include drinking herbal teas, taking supplements, and eliminating certain foods (hello again dairy). One popular supplement is maca and many women swear by red raspberry leaf tea.

So clear skin is definitely possible. You just need to take proper care of your skin and eat the right diet.

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- Dee