How To Prevent And Reverse Sun Damage Naturally

Preventing Sun Damage

Exposure to sun and loss of moisture are the biggest causes of aging skin. Your focus on both preventing and reversing sun damage is similar to anti-aging where you target hydration, boost collagen production and elasticity, and use sun protection. 

On a daily basis –

  • Use sunscreen – non nano zinc oxide

  • No oils alone are good enough to be used as sunscreen alone – some help protect from damage but that is not the same as having SPF

  • Cover your skin during peak sun hours (midday)

  • Do not exfoliate before going out in the sun

  • Cover up any areas you are trying to lighten (scars)

  • Boost collagen production internally: eat fatty fish, berries, nuts, dark leafy greens, red & orange vegetables, citrus fruits

  • Make sure you're using products with antioxidants

  • Use anti-aging products if you spend lots of time in the sun

Ingredients which help protect and rejuvenate skin:

  • sea buckthorn oil

  • carrot seed oil

  • pumpkin seed oil

  • papaya seed oil

  • raspberry seed oil

These antioxidant rich oils are excellent for moisture, evening out tone, and rejuvenating skin. Look for rich colored orange and red cold pressed oils. They will help prevent and reverse sun damage and are excellent to use pre and post sun exposure. Our Sol body oil is both a tanning and post sun oil full of these protective and rejuvenating ingredients. 

Reversing Sun Damage

Again, you want to focus on hydrating skin, boosting collagen production, and preventing any further damage. 

  • Helichrysum, neroli, and frankincense essential oils - these will help with sun spots and evening out tone as well as hydration. You can look for products with these essential oils or just add the oils to products you are already using. Even a few drops of any of these with a carrier oil like papaya seed or pumpkin seed will do wonders. 

  • Carrot seed, pumpkin seed, and papaya seed oil help hydrate deeply, even out tone, fade spots, plump skin, and give a healthy glow. Our Bella #5 restorative serum and Sol body oil are full of these oils to help restore your skin. 

  • Boost collagen production internally: eat fatty fish, berries, nuts, dark leafy greens, red & orange vegetables, citrus fruits

  • Exfoliate weekly – manually (scrub) or with fruit acids and enzymes (papaya, pineapple, white willow bark, etc.) Brightening products and scrubs fall into this step - just remember not to exfoliate before going into the sun. Try our Luz brightening serum and Bella #5 restorative serum to reverse sun damage and even out your complexion.

  • Sunburns: Don’t immediately cover up with oil because it traps the heat - use aloe, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, lavender, peppermint, chamomile, calendula, milk baths – then follow with nourishing oils. Our Calmante after sun spray is full of soothing herbs to help nourish and heal sun burned skin. 

  • Stay hydrated! Remember that proper hydration give you clear and plump skin which will need less products. 

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