Blanca Multipurpose Cleansing Oil

Blanca Multipurpose Cleansing Oil

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This multipurpose cleansing oil is a lush combination purifying oils and refreshing essential oils to cleanse your face and help regrow your lashes and brows. The blend of clarifying oils provides both cleansing and moisture, to gently melt makeup without causing breakouts.  This oil based makeup remover can be used as an eye makeup remover only, or all over your face.  As a spot treatment for your lashes and brows, it will encourage thicker new growth.  


  • Castor oil, juniper berry, and tea tree oil are antiseptic and clarifying, provide a deep cleanse.
  • Sunflower seed, avocado, and olive oils help remove makeup and soften skin, while delivering nutrients to nourish skin.  
  • Lavender and castor oil are known to help encourage thicker hair growth. 
  • Ideal for all skin types. 

The ritual: Shake before each use.
1 - To remove makeup, apply using a cotton or cloth.  Pump onto cloth and wipe makeup off gently. Excess oil can be wiped clean.  
2- As a cleanser, pump a few times into your hands and massage onto skin. Apply a hot wash cloth, let cool, rinse and repeat. Follow by wiping your face gently with the wash cloth.
3 - Dab some along lash lines and brows at night to promote thicker hair growth.  Use daily for maximum benefits.  Store your makeup remover in a cool, dry place and do not let water get into the container.  

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Ingredients: *safflower oil, *castor oil, *avocado oil, *olive oil, juniper, tea tree, and lavender essential oils (organic)