Spa Gift Set - Scrub & Mask

Spa Gift Set - Scrub & Mask

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The perfect gift for anyone who needs needs to enjoy a moment of brief escape, a break from it all to recharge. This tropical spa gift set includes elegantly handcrafted body care items using only the finest ingredients. Give the gift of luxury and tranquility.

This organic bath gift set includes 1  tropical body scrub and 1 clay mask. Elegantly wrapped in a bow (colors may vary). 

Please select a scrub and clay mask from the drop down menus. All scent options are essential oils. 

Set includes:

2 oz Clay Dry Mask: Rose Clay Purifying Mask reduces acne and blackheads and rejuvenates skin.

4 oz Organic Scrub:  All scrubs are sugar or salt based. Scrubs are a blend of organic oils and exfoliators, with essential oils to offer your body a luscious polish. 

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